Taking the harm out of single use packaging one coffee cup at a time

Note: Did not launch. We throw things away, but the truth is there is no 'away'. Unfortunately with the busy lives we lead, changing our behaviour simply takes too long. GoodPoly believes in the power of science and technology to help change the world without changing too much of ourselves.

The challenge was to convince coffee drinkers and business owners to recognise GoodPoly as the smarter option and ultimately switch products.

The solution was to get predatory against paper cups by simply stating facts and highlighting the superior features of GoodPoly.


The story begun right away with the cups themselves. Every time someone bought a coffee they learned a new fact about why GoodPoly is truly biodegradable. 

The most powerful way to get the message across to both consumers and business owners was through an action-packed video explainer.

Business owners and distributors are notoriously tough to convince, especially when it means ditching an old, reliable product for a new one. To hammer home why GoodPoly is the better choice, we got coffee drinkers and cafe owners to say what they thought about the product.

Role: Art Director/Designer

Skills: Art Direction, Branding, Design

Agency: Step Change