Creating a more inclusive community for children with disabilities

All In! is an interactive platform that works by giving advice on how to make a child with a disability, and those around them, feel more included and valued as a member of the community. The advice is tailored for you and presented in a clear and concise report that can be printed and shared with others so that no child needs to miss out!

The challenge was that children with disabilities are left out of participating in activities simply because people do not understand how to include them.

The solution was to build a video led online platform that delivered an easily sharable report giving practical advice on how to include the child.

Introduction video to All In!

The platform worked by asking three simple questions about the child - what is the situation they are in, what is their disability and finally their age.

What situation is the child in?

What challenge is the child facing?

What is the child's age?

Conclusion - you're all done!

Role: Art Director/Designer

Skills: Art Direction, Branding, UX Design, Visual Design

Agency: Step Change