It's time to 'Escape the Fake' and experience Queensland's least tourist friendly island

Moreton Island is one of Australia's largest sand islands in tropical Queensland. However, it is certainly not your typical tourist destination. It is where people go to getaway and 'Escape the fake'.

The challenge was to grab the attention of those who would much prefer 4WDing, sand boarding and maybe even catching their own dinner, rather than sun baking by the pool with a cocktail in their hand. 

The solution was to develop a series of magazine ads under the tagline 'Escape the fake'. Each message was predatory towards what you may experience on a typical island paradise advertisement. We resonated with those who had a different idea of what a fun and relaxing island holiday truly is. 

Firstly we indicated to Queenslanders that you don't have to go far to experience an 'overseas holiday'. Just a short boat ride away is a tropical island full of sun and fun. Following this was a pretty blunt message that Moreton Island is NOT a tourist friendly island. To those wanting to escape the crowds, this is the perfect place to do it.

Moreton Island Adventures gives you access to a tone of activities for couples, families, school trips or university getaways with your mates. Through a cheeky tone of voice, we developed a series called 'Our idea of...', which juxtaposed what you may see in a typical island getaway advertisement. This allowed us to highlight activities and individually target our audience. 

Role: Art Director/Designer

Skills: Art Direction, Design, Branding

Agency: Step Change