Clean as nature intended

You know those probiotic products that rebalance your stomach? That same science is relevant for your home. Millions of friendly bacteria in Probiotic Solutions sort out the bad bacteria on bathroom, kitchen and laundry floors, turning every surface into a happy ecosystem.

The challenge was to position Probiotics Solutions as a natural cleaning product for the entire home that you actually rely on.

The solution was to develop creative that focused on the fact that good bacteria has been fighting bad for billions of years. The harsh chemicals in your regular cleaning products have only been at it for a fraction of that time.

The final artwork drew inspiration from chalkboard illustration - a common piece of decor in many contemporary homes. The result is a beautiful, organic and premium design that juxtaposes the typical bleached, unnaturally white surfaces you usually see in advertising for products full of nasty additives. 

The Probiotic Solutions range was often on display at trade shows so it was important to continue the brand story in this environment. A key feature of their stalls was a product display that drew inspiration from the home - think a contemporary kitchen or bathroom shelf. This mockup acted as a style guide to all their future stalls.

Role: Art Director/Designer

Skills: Art Direction, Design

Agency: Grey Health Group