Ho-ho-holding a nations attention over christmas

Christmas is a huge time of year for Qantas Frequent Flyer (QFF). Because while QFF is best known for flying, its many non-flying verticals – things like Qantas Golf, Qantas epiQure, Aquire and Online Mall – are launching numerous offers for the festive period.

The challenge was to give prominence and sell-in each of these offers individually while also creating an overarching concept to tie them all together.

The solution was to communicate the breadth of the QFF program through a simple overarching concept and message: Discover the joy of rewarding Christmas with Qantas Points. Our communications were retail focussed, demonstrating the ways consumers could use and earn points while picking up presents. 

At the centre of it all was a cleverly designed landing page that managed to speak to people who wanted to earn points, and those who wanted to use their points – and also pointed them in the direction of the perfect present for their loved ones.

Pushing our audience to the landing page was an extensive set of advertising (40+ digital and print assets) utilising the space in and around Sydney Airport.

The landing page focused on a gift finder filter where the user would follow a simple journey to purchase. They started by selected whether they wanted to earn or use their points. Then through a carefully crafted filter system they could easily narrow down their choice. This process was customised for mobile through a hovering/sticky 'refine' button and a filter takeover.

Role: Freelance Digital/Print Designer

Skills: Billboard Design & Rollout, UX Design, Visual Design

Agency: WiTH Collective