Thought: Time Well Wasted

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. - John Lennon


When the popular post apocalyptic, adventure video game 'Fallout 4' came out not long ago, I probably logged 200+ hours of playing time over a few months. I remember a handful of people hinting that this was a waste of time and that video games are not as beneficial or educational as say, reading, which expands the mind through gained knowledge and imagination. At the time I kind of agreed with them, but this idea has never sat right with me. Both activities are forms of escapism. Why is one better than the other? Why is it perfectly fine to enjoy an Sunday afternoon reading, but video games are a mindless waste of time?

I have played a fair amount of video games in my life, but would certainly not consider myself a gamer, especially with the time constants of recent years. The few games I have played however, I look back upon fondly. Each game has not only provided enjoyment, but has expanded my mind in the same way that books and reading have. For example, the city-builder simulation game, 'Sim City' involved strategy, planning and management. In addition, the survival/horror game, 'The Last of Us' was a masterpiece of storytelling. On top of this, gaming is interactive, involves problem solving and can be extremely social. You can't tell me all this is a waste of time.

We all know that life is about balance. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and can pay the bills, don't feel bad about escaping from reality in whatever way you please. Don't beat yourself up over activities that are generally not what society considers to be worthwhile. If you're enjoying yourself and if it's making you happy, the time is well spent. Hopefully those that judge others on how they spend their free time can get off their high horse and appreciate that there is value in almost any past time.