No one starts a business to be small

Optus teamed up with Mark Wahlberg to introduce its business specialist stores. The campaign was a part of Optus’ announcement to refocus its attention on delivering tailored solutions for Australia’s small business owners. Mark epitomises what it is to 'believe big' because he has done it. He grew up in working class Boston with plenty of hurdles but through hard work, had the courage to believe big and make things possible.

The challenge was to inspire and connect with time-poor small business operators who want access to quality service around the clock.

The solution was to develop a campaign utilising TV, outdoor and digital spaces to spread the word and explain why Optus should be your go to small business network. If Mark can believe big then so can you.

I did not work on this TVC, but i've included it to give context to the overall campaign.

A major part of the campaign involved a large outdoor media presence across Australia pushing the message 'Believe Big' and enticing people to find out more. The challenge for this rollout was consistency of visuals and message across a variety of specs and spaces.

The digital space was also utilised strategically on sites and platforms frequented by business owners. A fare amount of retouching was undertaken due to the varied spacial concerns associated with online.

Role: Freelance Print/Digital Designer

Skills: Design & Rollout, Retouching

Agency: WiTH Collective